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        The Veasey Report

        Click here to access the complete document, “Report of Independent Counsel on Investigation of Violations of Delaware Campaign Finance and Related State Laws”

        Voluntary Good Practices Guidelines

        Voluntary Good Practices Guidance to Combat Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
        The Voluntary Good Practices Guidance for Lawyers to Detect and Combat Money Laundering and
        Terrorist Financing (the “Voluntary Guidance”) has been developed by the ABA Task Force on Gatekeeper
        Regulation in the Profession, working with other state and local bar associations, including with members of
        the Delaware State Bar Association, and specialty bar […]

        The DSBA Bar Journal App is here!

        DSBA Members:?Put the DSBA Bar Journal?in the palm of your hand!
        Available for Android and coming soon for iPhone and iPad.?It’s free to download and use.
        The Journal of the Delaware State Bar Association app allows you to view current and past issues going back to 2009 on your Android device*.

        * Requires PDF viewer (Available on the App Store).

        To download the app, […]